GNYHCFA Webinar, July 1, 2020 – “COVID-19 – What do we know? Where do we go?

On Wednesday, July 1st, GNYHCFA put forward a Webinar! Speakers included Michael Balboni, the Executive Director of GNYHCFA; Mary Gracey-White, Director of Regulatory Compliance; John Kerney, Life Safety; Lourdes Martinez, Esq., Partner, Garfunkel Wild PC; Dr. Jonas, MD, CMO at Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation.  We also had a special guest, Mark Kissenger of NYS DOH.

To access the recording of a webinar,  please copy and paste this link in a browser:


Additionally, you can find a written summary as well as slides below:

Summary – COVID-19 What do we know Where do we go_

JFK communication CR_


COVID-19 Presentation Final T Jonas MD

MGW Webinar Slides 6.30_


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