Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association has a firm commitment providing educational and consulting services to achieve regulatory comprehension and compliance. The scope of our commitment is to establish awareness and compliance to minimize the hazards of fire, explosion, natural and man made disasters and the work environment of health care facilities. Our commitment is focused on the criteria of performance, maintenance, safe practices, equipment operation, and hazard assessment.

One of the most overlooked areas of compliance is safety and preparedness. Our intent is to provide proactive consultation and services, which addresses the Life Safety Codes and Standards, OSHA Regulations and Local Rules and Regulations. Through this commitment, it is Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association’s intent to address design, construction, inspection, and operation of health care facilities and patient care.

On-Site Visits & Mock Surveys Can Be Scheduled For:

  • OSHA Education and Compliance Review
  • Inservice Training and Program Development
  • Interpretation of Codes and Standards
  • Assessment for Emergency Preparedness and Safety Needs
  • Mock Surveys and Assistance with Plans of Correction
  • Recommendation for Regulatory Compliance
  • General and Technical Information Networking
  • Sponsor of the Administrative Coalition

Fire Safety Compliance

Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association is proud of its active and progressive relationships with the National Fire Protection Association, the New York Fire Directors Association, the New York Fire Department’s Bureau of Fire Prevention, the New York State and City’s Office of Emergency Preparedness, and State and Local Regulatory Agencies.


John F. Kerney
Life Safety Consultant
(212) 643-2828