GNYHCFA represents the industry before regulatory entities, legislative bodies and government agencies. The Association serves as a timely information and research conduit to the industry, including implementation, budget agreements, legislation, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement changes, and initiatives by the Executive branch. The main activities of this department also include:

  • Proactive Long Term Care policy making in response to changing health care markets
  • Interaction with legislative committees and service on departmental advisory boards
  • Budgetary analysis and proposals for each fiscal year
  • Coordinate tracking of Medicaid eligibility requirements
  • Analysis and tracking of Certificate of Need proposals and other projects requiring state licensure or approval
  • Coordinate review of trend factor and assessments
  • Health policy research and initiatives
  • Analysis and implementation of Center for Medicare and Implementation of Medicaid Policies and Procedures
  • Special events to encourage professional interactions
  • Media Relations
  • Communications
  • Coordinate Grant seeking and assistance with response to request for proposals


Michael Balboni
Executive Director
(212) 643-2828