The Legal Department of Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association represents clients in all areas of health care. Some of the specific services rendered to the Association’s membership, in addition to daily general legal advice, include:

  • Guardianship proceedings
  • Judicial actions in medical emergencies
  • Collections above $10,000
  • Commercial litigation defense
  • Medicaid Fair Hearings
  • Application of the State and Federal Code (i.e. Title 10)
  • Research and render legal opinion on latest legal developments and governmental rulings affecting the Long Term Care Industry
  • Research and render legal opinion on latest regulations affecting the Long Term Care industry
  • Vendor contract review
  • Advise facilities on their liability with regard to patient complaints
  • Advise facilities on advance directive (i.e. DNRs, Healthcare Proxies, etc.)
  • Advise facilities on their Admission policies
  • Article 78 proceeding against government agencies


Rachel Demarest Gold
Legal Counsel
(212) 643-2828 x326