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Crain’s New York Business: 2/4/22 Op-ed – “We Must Rebuilt the Long Term Care Workforce”

Op-ed: We must rebuild the long-term-care workforce Michael Balboni When the Covid-19 pandemic ripped through our state, it deepened a crisis that was already facing New York’s nursing homes. Prior to the pandemic, the state stopped investing in long-term care. This ill-advised decision made it harder for facilities to pay competitive wages, which in turn led to […]

Albany Times Union, November 7, 2021

OPINION “Nursing homes set to fail” Michael Balboni The state of New York can mandate the COVID vaccination for any and all involved in health care. What it can’t do is mandate that new employees join this critical workforce. The recent concerns about unvaccinated health care workers walking off the job en masse because of […]

Albany Update

As you are aware, GNYHCFA along with all of the New York State Nursing Home Associations, came together and filed an Article 78 lawsuit against the New York State Department of Health to prevent the 7/1/19 Medicaid Rates, with a new CMI methodology, from going into effect.  On November 1st a hearing was held in […]

Albany: November 4, 2019 Press Conference on CMI Cuts

A mid-year cut of this magnitude can not be absorbed by any home without disruption to the care of its residents and increasing the already difficult financial burden faced by many homes.  A financially tenuous nursing home will be devastated by such an action. Providing quality care for the elderly and the disabled is the […]