Exclusive Savings For Members!

As a direct benefit to our members, we have identified companies providing goods and services, which we felt, could help our members save money. Each of the companies listed have agreed to exclusively offer discounts to members of the Association over their best-negotiated prices. All of the organizations listed already have clients within the industry and some members of the Association are already using them and satisfied.

Our objective here is to save our members money. Whether or not you ultimately purchase goods and services from these vendors, and we recommend that you strongly consider doing so, please use them for competitive pricing against your current vendors. If there are any questions, feedback or would like to recommend a service, please contact George Horowitz or Denise Cerrone.


Lancaster Pollard
Lancaster Pollard helps health care and senior living organizations improve their services by providing a full range of investment banking, mortgage banking and investment advisory services. Complex sectors such as senior living and health care require a firm that specializes in their business to properly articulate their creditworthiness, develop the best funding plan, achieve the lowest possible capital costs and deliver the most favorable terms. Lancaster Pollard’s services enable nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals to secure the funding necessary to continue to serve their communities and lets them focus on what’s truly important their residents and their patients.

Lancaster Pollard was established in 1988 and currently operates out of six offices across the country. In addition to being a licensed underwriter of taxable or tax-exempt bonds, Lancaster Pollard is an approved Fannie Mae Senior lender and one of the most prolific FHA/HUD lenders in the country. Lancaster Pollard is an independent firm, free from the influences inherent with ownership by or affiliation with large commercial banks. This independence allows them to provide more objective consultation, consider the entire spectrum of appropriate options and actively negotiate the most advantageous terms and covenants for their clients.

Please call Tom Grywalski, Vice President at (610) 989-9006 ext. 202 or email him at tgrywalski@lancasterpollard.com to discuss your financing needs and visit the company website at www.lancasterpollard.com. Be sure to mention Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association for the additional member discount.

Acculease Equipment Leasing is a nationwide provider of commercial equipment leasing, that specializes in transportation/construction equipment, medical equipment, production equipment, and mission-critical hardware and software. They also buy, sell and broker equipment and can provide funding for all your financing needs.

Acculease Equipment Leasing brings over 30 years of leasing experience servicing customers and vendors on a national level. They are equipment-leasing specialists and provide competitive lease financing for all commercial equipment, new and used. As leasing equipment specialists, they have made personal service a priority and get results fast. Please contact Fred or Marc at 631-577-0101. They are located at 63 Clifton Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Be sure to mention Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association for the additional member discount.

Food & Beverages

MRS Baking Distribution Company
MRS is a one-stop source for all baked goods. In operation since 1980, MRS distributes (daily) fresh breads and cakes to a variety of foodservice establishments, including restaurants, health-related facilities, country clubs, catering halls, delis, schools, camps and businesses. Making over 1,000 customer deliveries each day, before the sun rises, MRS utilizes 40 routes in the tri-state area to serve the freshest and finest high quality breads, rolls, bagels, cakes, pies and pastries. This includes Kosher, non-Kosher, salt free, sugar free, gluten free, dairy, parve and low fat products. MRS is pleased to offer GNYHCFA members special prices pegged below the competition. Call them to check their pricing. Ask for Steve Borg, owner at (718) 460-6700 or email him at MRSBaking@AOL.com for pricing and samples. MRS is located at 18-25 127th Street, College Point, NY 11356. Be sure to mention Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association for the additional member discount.

US Coffee Company
US Coffee can supply all your beverage and vending needs. They pride themselves on delivering quality products, courteous service, prompt delivery and lowest prices. US Coffee Company is pleased to offer GNYHCFA members special pricing and promise to be extremely competitive. Please feel free to call Doug Shindler, President to discuss your beverage needs, pricing and delivery schedule at (516) 733-7600 x667. US Coffee is located at 51 Alpha Plaza, Hicksville, NY 11801. Be sure to mention Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association for the additional member discount.

Cost Recovery & Expense Reduction

Neczus, Inc.
Neczus will help your company recover overpayments of Workman’s Compensation Premiums and reduce costs going forward. The company has a proprietary nine-point process to correct claims, charges and reduce your experience modification. This is all done on a contingency fee basis and there is no upfront charge to do this work. They recover money and then take a percentage of what is received.

Neczus has a highly trained group of auditing professionals that identify mistakes made by the clerical personnel at your insurer. These mistakes can be simple or complex, however, they are mistakes and they were made in the insurer’s favor. The Neczus team identifies, quantifies and corrects these errors. It is no different from finding an extra drink charged to your restaurant bill and asking for it to be removed.

All Neczus needs to get started are a couple of authorization letters and a signed contract. They are only paid when they recover money from the program and at that point take a share of the recovered funds. The process could take only a couple of weeks to several months. The only downside to these recoveries is for the insurance company, which will need to return money to you and reduce future premiums.

The company has a suite of services designed to save you money in Telcom, Utility, Hiring Credits and many more. The Workman’s Compensation Premium Recovery Program is their flagship product. For guaranteed savings with minimum efforts and no upfront costs, please contact Lee Justo, at lee.justo@neczus.com or call him at (914) 373-9124. Be sure to mention Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association for the additional member discount.

Health Care Benefits
Conference Associates, Inc. (CAI), one of New York’s first and largest group insurance administrators, has been providing business owners and individuals with insurance solutions since 1961. CAI offers coverage for health, life, dental, long-term care, and more. In addition to its product offerings, CAI provides billing, administrative, customer care, educational and insurance-professional support services. Conference Associates focus remains on building and maintaining long-term relationships with those, they serve and support consumers, professional insurance agents, and major insurance carriers. Conference Associates services health care facilities and groups and is flexible and creative in its approach to helping companies save money. Please contact Jeff Borowick, Regional Vice President at (631) 654-0600 x148 or email him at jeffb@conferenceny.com. Conference Associates is located at 180 E. Main Street, Suite 205, Patchogue, NY 11772. Be sure to mention Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association.

Utility Expense Reduction
Energy Savings 101. Your electricity and natural gas bills consist of delivery charges which are regulated by the New York State Public Service Commission (NYPSC), and the commodity cost, which can be purchased directly from the utility company or through a third party, commonly called an ESCO (Energy Service Company). No change in quality of service will occur when using an ESCO for supply. Unless there are special circumstances, little can be done to reduce the delivery charges, though a 4.25% tax break on this portion of your bill will apply within the New York Metropolitan area. The larger opportunity for savings involves the cost of the commodity. An ESCO purchases electricity and natural gas directly from suppliers, marks the commodity up with a profit and resells it to end-users. Typically, the ESCO is willing to work with a reduced profit margin, resulting in savings to the end-user. Since the market drives the pricing of the commodity, today’s quotation from an ESCO could be higher or lower than yesterday’s or tomorrow’s quotations. In addition, agreements with an ESCO can be based on daily commodity pricing or a fixed contractual rate for a specified period of time. Both scenarios offer risks and rewards.

Below are three companies which provide utility cost savings and services and have been involved with the health care industry. All can provide savings on electricity and natural gas, and provide energy audits, green energy products and energy management services. Be sure to mention Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association for the additional member discount.

Gary Fogelman
Good Energy, LP, 232 Madison Avenue, Suite 405, New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-691-8647
Email: gary.fogelman@goodenergy.com
Website: www.goodenergy.com

Tom Dwyer (Email: TDwyer@AmericanLandServices.com) (917) 664-5625
Brian Trombino, President (Email: btrombino@uerus.com)
Utility Expense Reduction, LLC., 401 Franklin Avenue, Suite 103, Garden City, NY 11530
Tel: 888-385-9044 or 516-858-3352
Website: www.uerus.com

Thomas Grech, Managing Director
JJT Energy, LLC, 330 Sunrise Highway, Rockville, Center, NY 11570
Tel: 516-594-8539
Email: tgrech@jjtenergy.com
Website: www.jjtenergy.com

Insurance and Risk Management

Every healthcare organization’s scope of services, administrative structure, and risk management processes are unique.
Lockton works with each client to identify opportunities for clinical risk services and to strategize how best to meet the organization’s unique needs. Our goal is to help you:

  • Improve Patient Care and Services
  • Decrease Professional Liability Claims
  • Reduce Workers Compensation costs
  • Decrease the cost of Risk to your organization

Lockton Companies, largest privately held insurance broker in the World, and specialize in structuring and negotiating insurance programs to reduce costs significantly for organizations like yours. If interested in a free analysis to review your insurance programs please call Ross Krasnow at 646-572-3905 or email him at rkrasnow@lockton.com.